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Modern architecture needs technology that moves and inspires human emotions.
That will never change.


You’ll find our work in highest standard cultural buildings, sport arenas, film, TV, music industry, entertainment, and many more. Sometimes those places are hard to describe. And sometimes, when the right medium doesn’t exist, we bring an idea that creates one. We don’t define ourselves by a category. We define ourselves by idea, beauty, technical impossibilities being broken and the success of the projects we create. Interior Acoustics, Sound, Advanced Scene Machinery, Lighting, development for large multimedia format, culture and mass media venues. We make our own technology breakthroughs, rethinking consumer insights, this is the future of design. Over just the last decade we were honoured to work with a number of talented people and demanding clients. We like challenge. We don't just wait to talk. We listen. The goal is to combine creation and technology to function as one. All cultural and public use buildings need to have easy to operate and efficient managing solutions implemented. Please check our portfolio to see if the range of our skills could prove useful to your company. We take care of interior acoustics design, stage machineries and the most advanced sound and multimedia systems to help public and entertaining businesses operate on a maximum technological capacity. The goal is to invest wisely. Every stage of the projecting process undergoes a series of tests to ensure there are no errors. All staff members are highly educated and experienced in the given field of expertise. The effect on modern architecture is our main focus in every case.


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SEEBURG E: seeburg@fpgs.pl

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PARK AUDIO E: parkaudio@fpgs.pl


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